100wc 25/10/16

my head spun with thousands of theories of what had just happened. Annahatta was getting annoyed, waiting for me, however i stood up and walked over to her. “You can leave now.” I declared getting pestered by her annoyance. Her yellow hair swayed into my face as she walked out. I gingerly went to sit back down. I finally got the courage to read my father’s will. What i discovered was remarkable…I couldn’t believe it! The writing blurred in front of my eyes as they started to well up, my cheeks felt tingely as the tears rolled down.

100wc 17/10/16

i grabbed the black, hard pole and lent on it, puffing. I looked behind me and saw a hooded man, I started to pick my pace up again but every direction that i went men were standing there. I was cornered… I looked up hoping to find  a way out, only to find black eyes eyes of a spider staring at me. I lay down,unsure of what was happening. Lights turned on, and cheering erupted. Weirdly, I felt exhilarated, but what had happened? What had I walked into? Faintly i could see a crowd….


100wc 10/10/16

She was dilatory, it wasn’t just today it was everyday. Numerous days she had been like this, wasting her day away. Her face was always rested though, it kind of went with her white hair and blue eyes. She looked as though life had caught up to her… However one day this all changed. She had just gotten back from Bali and was describing a dress “The material felt magic” she would repeat continuously. Her face would then change and she would look stressed and worried. As she was mum I would spend endless nights up worrying about

100wc 19/9/16

I looked down the street and all i could see was, wrecked buildings along with wrecked homes, and wrecked lives. My heart shrank as I realised what had just happened, the war has just began… Why does the world have to be like this? Why can’t we just all get along?  And acknowledge that we are all unique, and have different interests and different beliefs. However we all have pride in what we do. I started walking along the street and nearly everywhere I looked families were moaping. I couldn’t take it anymore I sat down in the middle of the road and just cried.


100wc 29/8/16

The crowd went berserk as i stood up, I knew i had nailed it this time. I tilted my head up and did my finishing pose! My heart was racing with excitement as my coach high fived me, the camera men flooded me with all the lights, asking me questions. Was this really the olympics?  Did I really just  crush my routine? I couldn’t believe it! A massive smile filled my face as I started to walk away… My coach started to give me a breakdown on my routine but i hushed him away, as in the corner of my eye something had caught my attention.

100wc 22/8/16

I looked into the flamingos black eyes, my heart almost melted. I finally got the courage to look under its wing, the tender skin winced under my touch, and tore open. It’s blood covered my hand. I started to cry just thinking about what had happened to it before it came here, the animal shelter. It was extraordinary how far it had came from then. I poked its stomach hoping to find at least the smallest most bit of fat but to my disappointment, it was bone, solid bone. The head doctor walked in with a smile, but that quickly changed.


I could see the finish line, then my asthma kicked in. My heart was suddenly in my throat and I could hear the mucus sloshing around in my lungs. My knees gave way and I could feel the the ground on my hands. The crowd went silent as my head thumped onto the ground. I was lying there defeated, my asthma had defeated me. All my training, all my longs hours just for this race, was down the drain. I could feel people closing in around me, and medics all over me. But all i wanted was to be alone.

100wc 4/7/16 Murder mystery!

I walked into the dull room full of cold bodies. “Is it this one?,” the police officer asked, I gestured yes, with my head. I had a sick feeling in my stomach from being in a room full of dead people, which one of them had supposedly tried to kill me… His jet black hair sent shivers down my spine, just remembering the night of the attack. “Did this man try and kill you?!,” I nodded unable to find words. The police man had a pleased look on his face. “Finally,” he muttered under his breath. “Finally,” I replied, surprised.

100wc 28/6/16

The tapping of the water got louder as the rain flowed heavier and heavier, I could smell the damp room still getting damper and damper. A chilling wind brushed past my head as a cold shiver sent down my spine. The door creaked open as my moldy meal got rolled in, my last one, my lawyer promised me. I was feeling doubtful about her statement. She had said it 3 weeks ago now. The shadows jumped at me as night fell, the stench in the room got stronger. A cell mate walked past screaming with guards either side. I stood up.